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REVUE ROUMAINE DES SCIENCES TECHNIQUES-SERIE ELECTROTECHNIQUE ET ENERGETIQUE, vol.65, pp.21-26, 2020 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

A novel current control strategy for grid connected renewable energy source inverters

JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE OF GAZI UNIVERSITY, vol.35, no.1, pp.537-550, 2020 (Journal Indexed in SCI) Sustainable Development identifier identifier

Virtual Park-based control strategy for grid-connected inverter interfaced renewable energy sources

IET RENEWABLE POWER GENERATION, vol.13, no.15, pp.2840-2852, 2019 (Journal Indexed in SCI) Sustainable Development identifier identifier

Current control based power management strategy for distributed power generation system

CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE, vol.82, pp.72-85, 2019 (Journal Indexed in SCI) Sustainable Development identifier identifier

A flexible control strategy with overcurrent limitation in distributed generation systems

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL POWER & ENERGY SYSTEMS, vol.104, pp.456-471, 2019 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

OPEN unified power quality conditioner with control based on enhanced phase locked loop

IET GENERATION TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION, vol.7, no.3, pp.254-264, 2013 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

A practical disturbance generator to test performances of various power quality mitigation devices

TURKISH JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCES, vol.21, no.1, pp.38-54, 2013 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

Improved phase-locked loop for robust and fast tracking of three phases under unbalanced electric grid conditions

IET GENERATION TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION, vol.6, no.2, pp.152-160, 2012 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

Implementation of fuzzy logic controller using FORTRAN language in PSCAD/EMTDC

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EDUCATION, vol.48, no.4, pp.372-390, 2011 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

A review of the factors affecting operation and efficiency of photovoltaic based electricity generation systems

RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS, vol.15, no.5, pp.2176-2184, 2011 (Journal Indexed in SCI) Sustainable Development identifier identifier

Power quality improvement with an extended custom power park

ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH, vol.79, no.11, pp.1553-1560, 2009 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

Extraction of voltage harmonics using multi-layer perceptron neural network

NEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONS, vol.17, pp.585-593, 2008 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

State-space modeling and analysis of fault arcs

ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH, vol.76, pp.46-51, 2005 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

Articles Published in Other Journals

Power Management Strategy of Grid Connected Solar Power Generation

International Journal on Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering, vol.10, pp.14-18, 2018 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)


ADVANCES IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, vol.16, no.1, pp.81-91, 2018 (Journal Indexed in ESCI) Sustainable Development identifier identifier

Modelling, Design and Control of a Single Phase Solid Oxide Fuel Cell based Power System

IĞDIR ÜNİVERSİTESİ FEN BİLİMLERİ ENSTİTÜSÜ DERGİSİ, vol.8, no.2, pp.81-88, 2018 (National Refreed University Journal)

Şebekeye Bağlı SOGI-PLL Tabanlı Tek Fazlı Eviricinin PR ve HCC ile Güç Kontrolü

Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi, vol.20, pp.10-21, 2015 (National Refreed University Journal)

Performance comparison of PWM methods for 27-level hybrid multilevel inverters

Gazi University Journal of Science, vol.25, no.3, pp.689-695, 2012 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions) identifier

Active power filter: Review of converter topologies and control strategies

Gazi University Journal of Science, vol.24, no.2, pp.283-289, 2011 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions) identifier

Türkiye’nin Güney Sanayi Bölgelerindeki Güç Kalitesi Üzerine Bir Araştırma

Uludağ Üniversitesi Mühendislik-Mimarlık Fakültesi Dergisi, vol.14, no.2, pp.23-31, 2009 (National Refreed University Journal)

Elektrik Tesislerinde Enerji Verimliliği

Uludağ Üniversitesi Mühendislik-Mimarlık Fakültesi Dergisi, vol.14, no.1, pp.31-37, 2009 (National Refreed University Journal) Sustainable Development

Dynamic Voltage Restorers: A Literature Review

Faculty of Electrical Engineering Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, vol.12, no.1, pp.7-13, 2009 (International Refereed University Journal)

Evaluation of Available Power Disturbance Generators for Testing of Power Quality Mitigation Devices

International Journal on Sciences and Techniques of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering, vol.1, pp.624-635, 2008 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

An overvoltage and undervoltage prevention control for superconducting magnetic energy storage based power converter connected to a weak grid

2nd IEEE International Power and Renewable Energy Conference, IPRECON 2021, Kollam, India, 24 - 26 September 2021 identifier

Restrictions and Driving Forces for Renewable Energy Production Development and Electrical Energy Demand in General and During COVID-19

12th International Symposium on Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering (ATEE), Bucharest, Romania, 25 - 27 March 2021 Sustainable Development identifier identifier

A Current Limiting Control Strategy of Grid Connected Inverter for Overcurrent Protection

International Conference on Engineering Technologies (ICENTE'19), Konya, Turkey, 25 - 27 October 2019, pp.205-209

An improved sequence based control strategy for three phase grid interfaced inverter systems

The 4th International Conference on Power Electronics and their Applications (ICPEA'19), Elazığ, Turkey, 25 - 27 September 2019, pp.1-6

Dual Average Filter based PNS Extractor for Inverter Applications in Power Systems

ENAR'18, Antalya, Turkey, 14 - 16 November 2018, vol.1, no.1, pp.1-10

Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Agriculture and Food Industry

International Agricultural Science Congress, Van, Turkey, 9 - 12 May 2018, pp.354 Sustainable Development

Generation of Fast and Accurate Positive-Negative Sequences for Control of Three Phase Inverter

2nd International Iğdır Symposium, Iğdır, Turkey, 9 - 12 October 2017, vol.1, no.1, pp.1

Modeling and Design of a Single Phase SOFC System’s Control

2nd International Iğdır Symposium, Iğdır, Turkey, 9 - 11 October 2017, vol.1, no.1, pp.1

Power Control and Management of Solar Power Generation

13th International Conference on Technical and Physical Problems of Electrical Engineering, Van, Turkey, 21 - 23 September 2017, vol.1, no.1, pp.269-272

The Effect of Disturbances on Grid Tied Power Converters and DSOGI Based Power Controller Solution

5th International Conference on Advanced Technology & Sciences (ICAT'17), İstanbul, Turkey, 9 - 12 May 2017, vol.1, no.1, pp.486-491

Comparison of two different Power Controllers for Grid Tied Distributed Generation Systems

International Conference on AdvancedTechnology & Sciences3th International Conference (ICAT’16), Konya, Turkey, 1 - 03 September 2016, vol.1, no.1, pp.781-786

Grid Tied Fuel Cell System Using Single Phase PLL Based SOGI with PI and PR Current Controllers

The 5th International Congress on Engineering and Information (ICEAI 2016), Osaka, Japan, 10 May - 12 June 2016, pp.513-524

A novel switching signals generation method for hybrid multilevel inverters

6th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ELECO 2009, Bursa, Turkey, 5 - 08 November 2009 identifier

İnternet Tabanlı Elektrik ve Güç Kalitesi İzleme Sistemi

3. Enerji Verimliliği ve Kalitesi Sempozyumu, Kocaeli, Turkey, 1 - 04 April 2009, pp.1-5

Güç Kalitesi Bozucusu: Teorisi ve Simülasyonu

Eleco’08, Elektrik - Elektronik Ve Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Sempozyumu, Bursa, Turkey, 1 - 05 November 2008, pp.351-357

Overview of an Extended Custom Power Park

2nd International Power and Energy Conference (PECon 2008), Johor-Bahru, Malaysia, 1 - 03 December 2008, pp.1364-1368 identifier identifier

Power Quality Survey on South Industrial Districts of Turkey

ICPS’07, International Conference on Power Systems, Bangalore, India, 12 - 14 December 2007, pp.1

Positive Sequence SRF based Sag/Swell Detection Method for Static Transfer Switch

ICEAI 2016, International Conference on Power Systems,, Bangalore, India, 12 December 2007, pp.1

Parafudurun Geçici Rejim Altındaki Davranışının İncelenmesi

Elektrik_Elektornik-Bilgisayar Mühendisliği 10. Ulusal Kongresi, İstanbul, Turkey, 18 - 21 September 2003, vol.1, no.1, pp.52-55