Çakır E., Şenel Ö.

European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science, vol.3, no.12, pp.419-427, 2017 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of cold water immersion on some

 performance parameters. The study consisted of 19 male badminton athletes, 10 of

 whom were experimental and 9 of whom were control groups. All athletes who

 participated in the study were given a pre-exercise agility test and a 30 m speed test.

 Afterwards, the muscle injury exercise protocol consisting of depth jumps was applied

 to the athletes and then, cold water immersion was applied to the test group for 10

 minutes at 15°C. Field tests were repeated 24 hours after cold water immersion (24h).

 Athletes in the control group participated in all measurements except cold water

 immersion. Significant differences were found between control and experimental group

 at 24h 30 m and agility tests showed significant difference between experimental and

 control groups (p <0.05). As a result, it was concluded that due to the shorter recovery

 times, the performance of athletes exposed cold water immersion is better.