Comparıson Of Physıcal actıvıty Levels Of Dıfferent Faculy Students

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Öner S., Özbar N., Çinar V., Kılıç Y., Ölçücü B.

Physical Education and Sports Faculty Galati, vol.3, no.1, pp.122-127, 2016 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The aim of the study was to determine of Physical Activity Level of Firat University students studying at the Faculty of Sports Sciences and the Faculty of Education. The sample of research group, with random sampling method 161 woman and 239 men a total of 400 persons were participated from Faculty of Sport Sciences and Faculty of Education. In this study, for collecting the data "Bouchard Three – Day Physical Activity Record" was used. In the analysis of the obtained data, SPSS 17 software package and independent samples t test was used. According to findings; there were not significant difference between female students who is studying at faculty of sport sciences and faculty of education in height, basal metabolic rate and daily energy consumption (p>0,05). In addition there were difference statistically between male students in the these faculties in height, weight and basal metabolic rate (p<0,05). Students of faculty of sport sciences more better than students of education faculty. There was no significant difference between two groups in body mass index and energy consumption.