Swimming Performance of Tarek (Alburnus tarichi, Güldenstädt, 1814) in Different Aquatic Environments and Different Water Temperatures

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Paruğ Ş. Ş. , Şen F. , Elp M., Özbilgin H., Başaran F., Güzel Ş., ...More

International Agricultural Science Congress, Van, Turkey, 9 - 12 May 2018, vol.000, no.0, pp.235

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Summary Text
  • Volume: 000
  • City: Van
  • Country: Turkey
  • Page Numbers: pp.235


In this study, the swimming performance of Tarek (Alburnus tarichi),
which is the unique fish species that can survive naturally in Lake Van and performs
compulsory reproduction migration to freshwater, has been investigated taking into
consideration the effects of various factors. The swimming performances of Tarek
individuals were investigated in the swimming performance test contrivance, which
has composed with the same characteristics as Lake Van and the freshwater
environments. It was possible to determine critical swimming speeds (Ucrit) at
different water temperatures (5-10-15-20 °C) and in environments with different
chemical structures. It has been found that the critical swimming speeds of fish
swimming in freshwater environment is higher than that swimming in Van Lake water
environment for every temperature value. Statistically the relative critical swimming
speed (rUcrit) value of males were found to be higher than females (5.16 Total
length.s-1 – 4.66 Total length.s-1; P<0.05) although Ucrit values were not different
(107.17 cm.s-1 – 103.68 cm.s-1; P>0.05). The mean Ucrit and rUcrit values were
calculated for the water temperatures of 5-10-15 20 °C respectively as 71.29 cm.s-1 –
3.29 TL.s-1, 92.65 cm.s-1 – 4.23 TL.s-1, 113.046 cm.s-1 – 5.35 TL.s-1 and 119.138
cm.s-1 – 5.56 TL.s-1 (mean: 99.03 cm.s-1 – 4.61 TL.s-1) in Van Lake water
environment and 86.58 cm.s-1 – 4.072 TL.s-1, 105.8 cm.s-1 – 4.88 TL.s-1, 121.86
cm.s-1 – 5.6 TL.s-1 and 131.88 cm.s-1 – 6.15 TL.s-1 (mean: 111.53 cm.s-1 – 5.17
TL.s-1) in freshwater environment.