Usage of deep eutectic solvents for the digestion and ultrasound-assisted liquid phase microextraction of copper in liver samples

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Kanberoğlu G. S., Yılmaz E., Soylak M.

JOURNAL OF THE IRANIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, vol.15, pp.2307-2314, 2018 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


In this study, we used deep eutectic solvents for digestion and ultrasound-assisted emulsification liquid phase microextraction (UA-ELPME) of copper in liver samples. Different types of DESs were prepared for digestion and microextraction steps. DESs consisting of lactic acid and choline chloride for the digestion step and DESs consisting of tetrabuthylamonium chloride and decanoic acid for ultrasound-assisted emulsification liquid phase microextraction were used in this method. The liver samples were digested by using DES-based digestion method. After digestion step, Cu(II) ions in aqueous phase were complexed with sodium dimethyl dithiocarbamate (NaDMDTC) and the obtained hydrophobic complex was extracted to tetrabuthylamonium chloride-decanoic acid DES phase. A microsample injection system coupled with flame atomic absorption spectrometer (MS-FAAS) was used in the detection of copper. LOD, LOQ, PF and % RSD were determined as 4.00, 13.2 A mu g L- 1, 10 and 3.2%, respectively. The proposed microextraction procedure was successfully applied to copper contents of the liver samples.