Digital Transformation in Accounting and Auditing: Insights from The ChatGPT Example

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Kurt Y.

Iğdır University Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, no.10, pp.11-22, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This research delves into the evolving role of the accounting and auditing professions in the digital age, with a focus on the implications of ChatGPT, a sophisticated artificial intelligence tool developed by OpenAI. The study employs a novel approach by engaging ChatGPT to predict the future of these professions, further probing with targeted inquiries to deepen the understanding. The analysis reveals that despite the rapid digital transformation and integration of AI in accounting processes, the core accounting profession is likely to persist. However, it underscores a significant shift in skill requirements, emphasizing the importance for accountants to enhance their expertise in data analysis, cyber security, and technological adaptability. The study also explores AI's potential applications in auditing, suggesting that AI can augment efficiency, accuracy, and risk assessment, while also highlighting the irreplaceable value of human judgment in complex scenarios. Interestingly, the insights generated through interactions with ChatGPT show a strong alignment with existing literature, indicating the tool's utility and reliability in professional contexts. The findings suggest that embracing technological advancements and continuous learning are imperative for accountants to remain relevant and competitive in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.