Kus Olsam Evime Uçsam” Adlı Çocuk Edebiyatı Yapıtının Göç Olgusu Açısından İncelenmesi

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Şen E.

Çocuk, Edebiyat ve Dil Egitimi Dergisi, vol.4, no.1, pp.62-79, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This study aims to analyze the children's book with titled “Kuş Olsam Evime Uçsam” (I Wish I Were Bird, I Would Fly to My Home) in terms of migration. In the study, document analysis method was used for data collection and content analysis was used to analyze the data. This work has been analyzed in detail in terms of the events and situations causing migration, the basic problems caused by migration, the emotions caused by migration, and the desires of the migrant characters. Various events and situations (exposure to violence, gangs, psychological traumas, etc.), basic problems (unemployment, psychological trauma, accommodation, etc.), emotions (fear, yearning, hope, anxiety, curiosity, etc.), expectations and wishes of migrant characters (desire to survive, home, getting education, not leaving homeland, returning to their homeland, etc.) were reflected in the analyzed book. It can be said that the work of children's literature, which is handled from these aspects, reflects the inner world of individuals who experience migration in many ways. Apart from this study, the phenomenon of migration can be examined by different researchers in children's literature.