Using α-Fe2O3/Kaolin Nanocomposite as Heterogenous Fenton Catalyst for Malachite Green Decolorization

Şirp Z., Özgüven A., Öztürk D.

Global Summit on Advanced Materials and Sustainable Energy (G-AMSE22) , Van, Turkey, 3 - 04 October 2022, pp.116

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Summary Text
  • City: Van
  • Country: Turkey
  • Page Numbers: pp.116
  • Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Affiliated: Yes


In this study, the efficiency

of α-Fe2O3/Kaolin nanocomposite on

malachite green (MG) decolorization by

heterogeneous fenton (HF) process was

investigated. α-Fe2O3/Kaolin nanocomposite

was synthesized via precipitation method

and characterized by FTIR and SEM/EDX

techniques. Operating parameters were

pH (3-9), catalyst dose (0.25-1.7 g/L) and

H2O2 dose (0.5-3.5 g/L). The catalytic

performance of nanocomposite was

evaluated via adsorption, H2O2 oxidation,

and HF processes. According to the SEM

analysis, α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles were well

decorated on the hexagonal platelet

structure of kaolin. According to the EDX

analysis C, O, Al, Si, and Fe were present in

the catalyst as 10.36%, 47.62%, 15.90%, 16.64%,

and 8.25% by weight, respectively. After the

HF process, the Fe ratio reduced to 3.63%

by weight, which shows the contribution of

iron to the Fenton oxidation reactions. Si-

OH, Si-O-Al, Si-O-Si, and Fe-O characteristic

bonds were observed via FTIR analysis. The

adsorption, H2O2, and HF processes were

efficient for the decolorization of MG with

67.1%, 70.09%, and 98.00%, respectively,

which verifies the catalytic activity of

nanocomposite. The optimum operating

conditions were determined as pH of 3,

catalyst dose of 1.2 g/L, and H2O2 dose of 1

g/L. Under optimum conditions, 98.00%

MG decolorization was achieved by the HF

process. The Kaolin provided a good surface

area for doped α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles, and

α-Fe2O3 contributed to HF oxidation with

the Fe3+/Fe2+ redox cycle. The satisfactory

decolorization of MG is possible with α-Fe2O3/

Kaolin nanocomposite with the HF process.