Aneurysmal Dilatation of Vein of Galen Associated with Thalamic Arteriovenous Malformation and Straight Sinus Agenesis

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Özkaçmaz S.

JOURNAL OF THE ANATOMICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA, vol.72, no.1, pp.81-83, 2023 (SCI-Expanded)


Straight sinus agenesis is a rare congenital anatomical variation that is usually accompanied by persistent falcine sinus. Concomitance of straight sinus agenesis and absence of falcine sinus are associated with thalamic arteriovenous malformation by the disturbance of the venous flow. In this report, a very rare case of aneurysmal dilatation of the vein of Galen associated with thalamic arteriovenous malformation and straight sinus agenesis is presented.

Keywords: Aneurysm, falcine sinus, straight sinus agenesis, thalamic arteriovenous malformation, vein of Galen