A study on Ornithofauna of the Muş Alparslan Dam and It’s Surroundings

Ertuş A., Durmuş A.

Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences of East, vol.4, no.1, pp.19-27, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In the present study the bird species living in the Muş Alparslan Dam and it’s surroundings were investigated. 86 species belonging to 32 families were identified during about a year of observation period. These species were classified as follows 51.2 % (n:44) resident, 32.5 % (n:28) migrant, 13.9 % (n:12) winter visitor and 2.3 % (n:2) transit migratory species. According to the Red Data Book, 2 species are in A.1.2, 16 species are in A.2, 17 species are in A.3, 16 species are in A.3.1, 12 species are in A.4, 18 species are in A.5, 1 species is in B.2, 1 species are in B.3, 1 species is in B.3.1, 1 species is in B.4 and 1 species is in B.5 status. According to the IUCN criteria, 2 species were determined to be in Near threatened (NT), 2 species in Vulnurable (VU) and 82 species in Least concern (LC) status.