The Determination of Predictors among Emotion Awareness Levels of College Students

Tanhan F., Mukba G.

The Online Journal of Counseling and Education, vol.3, no.3, pp.40-54, 2014 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Studying interpersonal relationships, individuals who are exposed to many variables with emotional existence, experience several moods such as sadness, joy, pain, fear and anxiety. If a person is able to externalize his/her feelings, the feature as “emotion awareness” can be observed. Emotion awareness is a concept including acts, which are emotions, abilities of expressing feelings, directions to the relationship as maintaining or finishing the stage. It can be expected that individuals with low emotion awareness tend to have compliance problems in their relationships. Gender, the styles of relationships with family and environment, personality traits can be seen as predictors which cause low emotion awareness. In this study, we aimed to research the relationship between the level of emotion awareness among the college students and demographic variables. Emotion awareness (EA) subscale of dimension of interpersonal relationship scale and individual information form were used. Chaid analysis method was used to analyze the data. According to the results, the dominant effect of the variable was found as “family communication” on the level of emotion awareness. 

Keywords: emotion awareness, emotion awareness level, demographic variables.