Purnell Model for Cultural Competence: Nursing Care of an Afghan Patient

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Doğu Ö., Coşkun E. Y. , Üzen Cura Ş., Ulay G.

Journal of Nursing and Health Science (IOSR-JNHS), vol.5, no.5, pp.44-48, 2016 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Abstract:Culture is a basic component of health and affects the quality of care. Because cultural beliefs and attitudes underlie health related behaviors and people’s needs change from culture to culture. Therefore, nurses who aim to reach holistic care should show sensitivity towards a patient’s cultural background and they also should have information on the relevant culture. In literature it is suggested for nurses to benefit from models and guidelines in evaluating the cultural characteristics of the society they provide care to. Purnell’s “Cultural Competence Model” is one of those models and has been translated into 30 different languages, including the Turkish culture. This model provides that the cultural backgrounds of individuals are taken into account in protecting and promoting health. In this study, the nursing care of an Afghan individual admitted into the intensive care unit with an abdominal perforation diagnosis formed according to the model was presented.

Keywords:Nurse, health care, Purnell's Model, Cultural Competence