Evaluation of serum anti-Mullerian hormone concentrations following treatment with vitamin D in dairy heifers.

Koca D., Nak Y., Şendağ S., Nak D., Arslan T., Wehrend A.

56th Annual Conference of Physiology and Pathology ofReproduction and 48th Joint Conference of Veterinaryand Human Reproductive Medicine, Münster, Germany, 1 - 03 March 2023, vol.58, pp.21

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Summary Text
  • Volume: 58
  • City: Münster
  • Country: Germany
  • Page Numbers: pp.21
  • Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Affiliated: Yes


Anti­Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels in the blood are positively associated with numberof antral follicles, ovarian function, and fertil­ity. Numerous studies, particularly in human medicine, have shown that vitamin D (VD)has a positive effect on AMH levels, both di­rectly and indirectly. To our knowledge, the effects of VD on serum AMH levels in heifers have not been investigated. Therefore,the cur­ rent study aimed to investigate the following question: Is VD treatment associated with in­ creased serum AMH concentrations in dairy heifers? The study included twenty healthy non­pregnant dairyHolstein heifers (11–13 months old)weighing an average of 319 kg (288–341kg). The animals did not have direct contactwith sunlight during the study be­ cause there were no open areas in the facility. Inother standard rations (NRC) no vitamins orother additional nutrients were supplied to theanimals. All heifers received a single intra­muscular dosage of 5 ml (5 million IU) VD(Provet­D3®, Provet, Istanbul­Turkey).Blood samples were collected from the tailveins of all animals before (day 0) and after(days 7, 14, and 28) VD injection. Theelectrochemilu­minescence immunoassay methodology was used to measure AMH. Comparison results showed that the AMH concentrations in the t0, t7, t14, and t28 dayswere not statistically different from eachother’s (p = 0.10). Also, it was seen that there were no statistically sig­ nificant correlations between the pairs (age­ AMH)and (weight­AMH) in the t0 day, and (VDlevel ­AMH) for all days. Grants: These findings demonstrated that exogenous VD didnot affect on AMH in heifers.