Lateral fruitfulness on Turkish standard walnut cultivars and promising selections (Juglans regia L.)

Sen S., Balta F., Koyuncu M., Koyuncu F., Yarilgac T., Kazankaya A.

4th International Walnut Symposium, Bordeaux, Fransa, 12 - 16 Eylül 1999, ss.41-45 identifier identifier


Included in the species Juglans regia L. in Anatolia with rather rich walnut populations from seed origin, there are a lot of walnut cultivars and promising selections with high nut quality and lateral fruit bearing characteristic. When compared to commercial walnut cultivars of the world, the results from studies carried out in different places of Anatolia such as Marmara Region, Northeast Anatolia Region, East Black Sea Region, Eastern Mediterranean Coastal areas, the districts Darende, Gurun, Tokat, Cameli, Bozkurt, Adilcevaz, Catak, Ahlat, Adiyaman, Sanliurfa, Mardin, Gevas, Ermenek, Posof, Ikizdere, Bahcesaray and Yalova until today can be said to be promising. The researches concerning some cultivars and selections currently continue. This paper deals with the results in relation to lateral fruitfulness and valuable fruit characteristics of the cultivars and promising selections from different areas of Anatolia.