Congenital colo-vesico-urethral fistula with atresia coli, rectal agenesis and atresia ani report in kid

YILDIRIM S., Karasu A., Gençcelep M., Cakmak G.

ANKARA UNIVERSITESI VETERINER FAKULTESI DERGISI, vol.64, no.2, pp.145-148, 2017 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The material of this case was a four days old male Coloured Angora Goat with congenital anomaly. The purpose of this study was to present findings of congenital colo-vesico-urethral fistula and atresia coli, rectal agenesis and atresia ani clinically, radiographically, macroscopically and histopathologically. According to the clinical examination; anus did not form, animal was dehydrated and not able to get to its feet and had abdominal tension. Besides, few amounts of unclear urine and meconium were present in preputium. By taking into consideration these findings, it was decided to make surgical operation on suspicion of fistula presence between gastrointestinal system and urinary bladder. The animal died during operation. Subsequent to necropsy, colon was swollen and observed at the cranial of pelvis ending bluntly. The blunt end of colon adhered to both urinary bladder and urethra. In order to diagnosis anomaly, samples were obtained from the region where fistulas were present. According to histopathological examination, fistula formation of colon separately to both urethra and urinary bladder was observed. Observing congenital of colo-vesico-urethral fistula, atresia coli, rectal agenesis and atresia ani all in one only in materials rare and may present a good sample for congenital anomaly cases.