Pharmacy profession from the perspective of female pharmacists KADIN ECZACILAR PERSPEKTIFINDEN ECZACILIK MESLEGI

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Arslan M., Çoban E. S., Şar S.

Ankara Universitesi Eczacilik Fakultesi Dergisi, vol.44, no.2, pp.220-232, 2020 (Scopus) identifier


© 2020 University of Ankara. All rights reserved.Objective: The aim of this study is evaluating the pharmacy profession from the perspective of the female pharmacists working in different areas of the pharmaceutical sector, also addressing the job satisfaction of the female pharmacists. Material and Method: The population of the study consists of female pharmacists working in different fields of the pharmacy profession in Ankara. The qualitative interview method was used in the study and semi-structured questions were asked to the participants. After the interviews were completed, the data obtained from the short notes and voice recordings held during the qualitative interview were analyzed by the researchers and thematic analysis was conducted. Result and Discussion: In the study, three main themes were determined: Vocational Preference, Difficulties Encountered and Job Satisfaction. When the identified themes and sub-themes were evaluated, it was seen that gender difference did not cause any negativity in the practice of the pharmacy profession. It has been observed that the job satisfaction of female pharmacists depending on the field in which they work, and the job satisfaction of the academic female pharmacists, in particular, is very high. When job satisfaction is taken into consideration financially, it is determined that the group with the highest level of satisfaction is women working as a community pharmacist. It is thought that the results obtained in this study will guide both the individuals who will make a career choice and the members of the pharmacy professionals who are indecisive in the selection of the working area.