A Fractional Order Covid-19 Epidemic Model with Mittag–Leffler Kernel

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Khan H., Ibrahim M., Khan A., Tunç O., Abdeljawad T.

Journal of Mathematical Sciences (United States), vol.272, no.2, pp.284-306, 2023 (Scopus) identifier


We consider a nonlinear fractional-order Covid-19 model in a sense of the Atagana–Baleanu fractional derivative used for the analytic and computational studies. The model consists of six classes of persons, including susceptible, protected susceptible, asymptomatic infected, symptomatic infected, quarantined, and recovered individuals. The model is studied for the existence of solution with the help of a successive iterative technique with limit point as the solution of the model. The Hyers–Ulam stability is also studied. A numerical scheme is proposed and tested on the basis of the available literature. The graphical results predict the curtail of spread within the next 5000 days. Moreover, there is a gradual increase in the population of protected susceptible individuals.