Molecular Characterzation of Coat Protein Gene of Two Watermelon mosaic potyvirus Isolates Infecting Muskmelon at Van Province (Turkey)


1. INTERNATIONAL GAP AGRICULTURE & LIVESTOCK CONGRESS, Şanlıurfa, Turkey, 25 - 27 April 2018, pp.333

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Summary Text
  • City: Şanlıurfa
  • Country: Turkey
  • Page Numbers: pp.333


Watermelon mosaic virus (WMV) is a Potyvirus with a worldwide distribution. WMV causes serious economic
losses in many cucurbits in Turkey. To study relative incidence and molecular variability of WMV, a total of 100
leaf samples of muskmelon exhibiting typical viral symptom and without symptom were collected from different
muskmelon fields of Van province in August 2016 and were screened by RT-PCR. Two WMV isolates (WMVAlakoy-1 and 2 (WMV-A1 and WMV-A2)) were isolated from a naturally infected muskmelon (Cucumis melo
L.) plants by mechanical inoculation.
Out of 100 tested samples, 5 were reacted positive resulting an expected 822 bp DNA fragments of partial coat
protein gene of WMV. WMV-A1 and WMV-A2 were further cloned into a TA cloning vector and their complete
nucleotide sequences and deduced amino acids were determined. The partial CP gene of WMV-1 and 2 isolates
contained 279 amino acid residues. The sequences of WMV-A1 (Acces no. MG952634) and WMV-A2 (Acces
no. MG952635) were aligned with other 22 world isolates retrieved from GenBank.
Based on the nucleotide sequences, a high degree of homology (99%) was detected between two Turkish WMV
isolates. However, the nucleotide sequences of WMV-A1 and A2 isolates were exhibited a high degree of variance
when comparing with 22 world isolates ranging from 87 to 91%. Based on the phylogenetic tree created by using
the nucleotide sequences of 22 world isolates, the both Turkish WMV isolates were best clustered with the isolates
of Pakistan (AB218280 and AB127934). By this study, WMV has been reported for the first time in muskmelon
in Van province (Turkey).
Key Words: Watermelon mosaic virus, molecular characterization, Van, survey